Cape Porcupine

Connor used to try to spot porcupines at night as a child: this meant chilly evenings in the pumpkin patch! The striped quills appeal to him on an aesthetic level because of his ongoing obsession with black and white stripes. The image in the print shows the porcupine in defence mode with its quills raised.


Connor Cullinan is a fine artist with many solo and group shows to his name. He is producing a series of original prints to help Ferncliffe raise funds for its restoration work. The images are based on fauna and flora that can be found in the forest and on its fringes. The images are open editions*. The first three prints in the ongoing series are of vervet monkeys, a porcupine and a forest weaver, and they are produced at Black River Studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

*An open edition print means an unlimited number of prints of the same artwork is sold.

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No, sorry. Becoming the owner of an artist’s print in exchange for a payment is not considered a donation by the South African Revenue Service.

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R2 000