Roll of honour

David Houghton

Of Wildlandscapes International, for his early interest and faith in the project and his personal donation.

Stiaan Smit

Of Atlas, for the many free hours and days and weeks of work on our website.

Dave Southwood

For his still and drone images that adorn many of these pages, including the beautiful opening shot on the home page that you’ll see on many of our social media channels too.

Husqvarna South Africa & Divan Vermaak

For two spanking-new brushcutters and a chainsaw, from their wonderful ‘Silent Nature‘ range. These are electric (battery-driven), which means no petrol spills in the field, and far less noise and disturbance for our wild and human neighbours. They also asked their trusted distributors and service partners Industrial & Chainsaw to help us look after our new assets. Thank you for this wonderful gift, which will speed up clearing operations dramatically. The equipment will also be used by other organisations working in Ferncliffe.

Anonymous supporters, Northern California, USA

For their ongoing support, both the material and the emotional kinds. Thank you for your appreciation of Connor’s prints, for sharing them with many of your friends, and for being Ferncliffe champions in South Africa and abroad.